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Step-By-Step Recipe For Marijuana-Infused Bacon

Step-By-Step Recipe For Marijuana-Infused Bacon

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When I sit down and really think about it, I don’t think I eat nearly as much breakfast as I used to.

Pondering about my youth, I have a swarm of memories relating to this “most important” meal of the day. But, for one reason or another, this morning meal has eluded me greatly in most recent years. I really can’t put a finger on the exact reason why.

Perhaps, as time went on, I became more and more busy with mundane daily tasks that I previously never had to worry about (waking up early for work, cleaning up around the house, walking the dog, etc.) and that has, potentially, gotten in the way of my “breakfast time.” Who knows?

Regardless of the reasoning, there is one thing I know for sure: I miss it. I miss it a lot.

There are (obviously) a million different options when it comes to this pre-noon cuisine, but none reign more supreme than a solid “weekend” breakfast. Which, I understand may sound vague, but I am betting there are a healthy amount of readers out there who instantly knew what I was alluding to. I’m more than happy to wax poetic about these beloved renditions of exorbitant breakfasts with a smile on my face.

When I say “weekend” breakfast, I am talking about those meals that wake you up with their intoxicating aromas. Much like Pepe Le Pew would levitate, via his undying love (and questionable horniness), scent trails of waffles, pancakes, and eggs would pull me out of bed, and somehow, before I knew it, I was plopped down at the table with a plate of heaven being slid in front of me. These breakfasts were always the best.

The pancakes seemed fluffier than usual. The syrup tasted sweeter than any candy confection Willy Wonka could ever create. The eggs sported a more optimistic yellowish hue than their weekday counterparts. Everything was working in perfect culinary unison to create this sort of euphoric sense memory that I will never forget. But, as impeccable as these scents and flavors were, there was one particular part of these breakfasts that I consider, to this day, to be one of the best foods in the history of mankind.

That item, my fellow stoners, is everybody’s favorite: bacon.

Ah, bacon.

Thank you for being you. Your salty and savory demeanor always puts a smile on my face. The way you upgrade every meal you grace with your presence is truly unbeatable. I will forever be indebted to you, and your angelic scent and flavor profiles. God bless you, bacon.

I don’t know about you, but bacon was a rare treat that would only show up in my house on the weekends, if at all. When it did, my entire family made sure to relish in every single bite we got to enjoy. Even at a young age, I knew that there was no way bacon could be any better.

Then cannabis entered my life.

That’s right, folks. I have somehow found a way to kick this already top-shelf pig product up a whole other notch.

Are you sitting down? Because I am about to share a recipe for Marijuana-Infused Bacon that may just leave you faint with excitement. Before continuing on, how about you pull up a chair, fire up a bowl (or joint), and allow your tastebuds to ready themselves for the amazing THC treat that awaits them.

Also, grab a pen to jot down the following “massive” list of necessary ingredients:


  • That is it. All you need to make Marijuana-Infused Bacon can be found in the title of this phenomenal breakfast accoutrement. To be fair, you can’t just toss a bunch of frosty nugs on top of a few slices of bacon and call it a day. There’s a somewhat tactile process that needs to take place before you can start getting stoned during breakfast. But, hey, that’s what I’m here for.
  • The very first thing you are going to want to do is preheat the oven to 225°. While that is heating up, grab your cannabis and a cookie sheet. Like I mentioned above, you can’t just pop open a bag of bud and toss it on the cookie sheet. You will need to grind up your desired amount of flowers (I would suggest at least an 1/8th), making sure you get them down to a nice, fine consistency.

    Basically, the more it looks like powder, the better.

  • At this point, the oven will have reached that 225° mark, so you can feel free to throw in the cookie sheet full of cannabis powder, and let it sit in there for 45 minutes. While that’s doing its thing in the oven, you can head on over to the fridge, so you can start prepping the bacon.
  • Using another, non-greased cookie sheet, place as many bacon strips on it as you desire. If you are anything like me, you won’t stop until the package is empty – and rightfully so. I mean, you are about to make potent Marijuana-Infused Bacon, why not make as much as you can?
  • Moving on – when those 45 minutes are up, head on over to the oven, and remove the cookie sheet full of cooked cannabis. When you place it down, do a quick pivot, and get the oven preheated to 275°. While that is going up a few degrees, turn your attention back to your freshly cooked cannabis. Pick up pinches of it, as if it were salt, and sprinkle it over the entirety of the bacon strips you have previously placed on another cookie sheet.

    Don’t use all of that powder, though. You will be needing the rest of it for the other side, but that will only happen halfway through the cooking process.

  • When you have that first side of bacon covered with your preferred potency amount, you can throw that sheet into the oven for 10 minutes. When those 10 minutes are up, flip those bad boys, and season each strip’s “underbelly” with the rest of your cannabis powder. Slide it back into the oven to cook for another 10 minutes, and then you are done.

    At that point, you can remove the cookie sheet that’s now full of potent bacon and enjoy!

  • Even though this recipe is already great, it is about to get even better.

    In the cookie sheet that you just removed from the oven (the one the bacon cooked on) you will see a good amount of leftover fat. Do NOT throw that away. That rendered fat is full of THC goodness, too.

  • So, you can take that fat and implement into the rest of your breakfast. Personally, I like to toss it in a frying pan and cook some eggs with it. But I have also seen others cook hash browns, instead. Who knows – maybe you will have enough to do both. But, to be completely honest, there is no wrong way to repurpose it – just don’t throw it away!

    That’s pretty much it.


In mere minutes, you were able to create a truly amazing breakfast that will not only taste great, but it will get you super lifted and ready to take on the day – or fall back asleep.

Either way, you will be happy.

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